Organization Chart and Members of WIN

‘ Organization Chart
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‘ Special Advisor
‘ Board
‘ Executives
‘ Advisor Meeting
‘ Division of Management and Planning
‘ Office

‘ Division of Technological Development
‘ Division of Social Relations
‘ Business Division
‘ Division of Technological Evaluation
‘ Student Team
‘ Environmental Planning Society
‘ Division of Public Relations
‘ Devision of General Affairs and Accounting

Special Advisor Takeshi Fukuzawa Chairman of the Board, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
  Minoru Makihara
  Yu Takagaki Advisor, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
  Keiko Nakamura Director, JT Biohistory Research Hall
  Yasuko Ichibangase President, Wonderful Aging Club
  Yuko Nakashita Lawyer/Administrative Officer, Poeple's Association on Countermeasures of Dioxin & Enfocrine Distruptors
(Facilitators) Koretsugu Kodama Chairman of the Board, Yokohama Royal Park Hotel
  Keisuke Ono  
@@Executive President Prof. Kiyoshi Itao The University of Tokyo / Tokyo University of Science
@@Executive Vice President Yoshiyasu Ikeda NTT Electronics Corporation
@@Executive Vice President Prof. Sadahiko Kano Waseda University
@@Senior Executive Prof. Ichiro Yamada The University of Tokyo
@@Senior Executive Sunao Ishihara NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

@ Executive Prof. Masahiko Isobe The University of Tokyo
@@Executive Mitsuo Iwama Sharp Corporation
@@Executive Prof. Hisashi Osumi Chuo University
@@Executive Masanao Ohno NGK Insulators, Ltd.
@@Executive Kazuyoshi Yoshida Seiko Instruments Inc.
@@Executive Jun Kawachi Yamatake Corporation
@@Executive Prof. Ikutaro Kobayashi The University of Tokyo
@@Executive Prof. Nobuo Saitoh Keio University
@@Executive@@ Prof. Ken Sasaki The University of Tokyo
@@Executive Takashi Tajima Div. of Public Relations, NPO WIN
@@Executive Kunihiko Hara Nippon Soken, Inc.
@@Executive Kenzo Fujisue Member of the House of Representatives
@@Executive Prof. Hiroshi Hosaka The University of Tokyo
@@Executive Prof. Hiroyuki Yamato The University of Tokyo
@@Executive Prof. Yoshinori Yamauchi Waseda University

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Auditors Yasuho Ema Ema Accounting Firm
  Yoshiaki Nishigaki Yuraku Law & Account Office